Final Revision - October, 2003 115.

PIPPIN, in his GONDORIAN armour, looks around at the
devastation ... his eyes full of SADNESS ... they suddenly
fix on something.

ANGLE ON: PIPPIN running through the RUIN of the BATTLE . . .
towards a SMALL FIGURE slumped on the ground ...

             Merry ...?

MERRY stares unseeing at PIPPIN ... HORROR and SHOCK erasing
all other memories from MERRY'S mind ... tears fall down
PIPPIN'S FACE as he looks on his FRIEND . . .

                         PIPPIN (cont'd)
             Merry . . . it's me, it's Pippin . . .

             I knew you'd find me.
             Are you going to leave me?

             No Merry, I'm going to look after you.

ANGLE ON: PIPPIN covers MERRY with a blanket . . .

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