ANGLE ON: FRODO and SAM lie asleep amidst scrubby bushes near a
stagnant pool. SMEAGOL lies nearby, muttering in his sleep.

          Too risky, too risky. The thieves! They
          stole it from us. Kill them . . . kill them
          ... kill them both!

SMEAGOL wakes suddenly, shaking, his face drenched in SWEAT,
eyes wide in horror.

                     SME AGO L (c ont' d)

                                                       (CON TINUED )

                                         Final Revision - October, 2003 11.

                  (hissed whisper)
             Shhh! Quiet!

SMEAGOL'S features suddenly transform into the MALEVOLENT
face of GOLLUM!

                        GOLLUM (cont'd)
             Mustn't wake them, mustn't ruin it now!

SMEAGOL casts a quick glance over his SHOULDER to the
SLEEPING figures of FRODO and SAM as he clambers off his ROCK
. . . silently sidling towards the EDGE of a STAGNANT POOL.

             They knows, they knows, they suspects us.

SMEAGOL stares into the MURKY depths of the WATER.

The SURFACE RIPPLES as the face of GOLLUM appears as SMEAGOL'S

                        GOLLUM., . ,.·
             What is it saying,.my Precious, my love? Is .
             Smeagol losing his nerve??

                        SMEAGOL  :
             No! Not! Never!! Smeagol hates nasty
             Hobbitses! Smeagol wants to see: them -

             And we will . . ,- Smeagol did it once. . .
             . . . He can do it again.

FLASH INSERT: SMEAGOL choking DEAGOL . . . Fingers locked tight
around his THROAT.

                        GOLLUM (cont'd)
             It's ours - ours!


                                     Final Revision - October, 2003 12,

           We must get the Precious. We must get it

           Patience, patience, my love. First we must
           lead them to her.

           We lead them to the windy stairs.

           Yes, the stairs ... and then?

           Up, up, up, up the stairs we go . . . until
           we come to . . .
                 (naughty excitement)
           ... the Tunnel!

           And when they go in, there's no coming out.
           She's always hungry, she always needs to
           feed. She must eat, all She gets is filthy

           And they doesn't taste very nice, does
           they, Precious? .

           No . . . not very nice at all, my love. She
           hungers for sweeter meats . . .

CLOSE ON: SAM . . . his EYES flicker OPEN . . .

                         GOLLUM (cont'd)
           "Hobbit meat." And when She throws away the
           bones and the empty clothes, then we will
           find it . . .

           And take it for Me!

                                    Final Revision - October, 2003 13

          For us . . .

          Yes, we, we meant for us . . .
               (choking cough)
          Go Hum! Go Hum!

          The Precious will be ours once the
          Hobbitses are dead!

SUDDEN ANGLE ON: SAM image mirrored in the water as he SMACKS
GOLLUM on the HEAD with his POT!

               (yelling) ,· .
          You treacherous little toad!

SAM drops the POT and FLINGS himself ON TOP of GOLLUM! GOLLUM

          No! Not! Help! Master!

ANGLE ON: FRODO staggers over to SAM and PULLS HIM OFF

          No, Sam! Leave him alone!

CLOSE ON: GOLLUM, huddled on the ground WHIMPERING and

          I heard it from his own mouth he means
          to murder us!


                                       Final Revision - October, 2003 14

            Never! Smeagol wouldn't hurt a fly!
            He's a horrid, fat Hobbit who hates Smeagol
            and who makes up nasty lies!

SAM makes for SMEAGOL again . . . with a look of MURDEROUS

            You miserable little maggot! I'll stove
            your head in!


            Sm. . .

            Call me a liar! You're a liar!

            Sam! If you scare him off, we're lost.

SAM pulls away from FRODO . . .

            I don't care! I can't do it, Mr Frodo. I
            won' t wait around for him to kill us !

                 (fierce whisper)
            I'm not sending him away.

SAM stares at FRODO . . . at a loss.

            You don't see it, do you? He's a villain!

                 (lowers voice)
            We can't do this by ourselves, Sam. Not
            without a guide. I need you on my side.

ANGLE ON: SAM, his face softening.


                                       Final Revision - October, 2003 15.

                (taken aback)
           I'm on your side, Mr Frodo.

           I know, Sam, I know.
           You must trust me.

FRODO beckons to GOLLUM.

                      FRODO (cont'd)
           Come, Smeagol.

GOLLUM turns slowly, staring at SAM through hooded, HATE-FILLED
EYES ... and SMILES.

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