WIDE: ARWEN - escorted by a SMALL ENTOURAGE of ELVES - rides
through the gathering darkness of a PINE FOREST ...

                     ELROND V/0
          Take her by the safest road. A ship lies
          anchored in the Grey Havens. It waits to
          carry her across the Sea . . . The last
          journey of Arwen Undomiel.

SLOW MOTION: As ARWEN rides through the FOREST the FIGURE of
a SMALL BOY of about 5 SUDDENLY runs across the path in front
of her.

ARWEN reigns in ASFALOTH ... something about the BOY
intrigues her.- but she does not know why . . .

                                      Final Revision - October, 2003 24.

As ARWEN watches the BOY moves away, the TREES begin to thin
. . . the BOY continues running. One by one the TREES TRANSFORM

ARWEN'S POV: The BOY now stands within a VISION of the
majestic architecture of the great Gondorian city of MINAS

A SILHOUETTED FIGURE appears in the distance and moves
towards the CHILD . . . the BOY runs to the FIGURE.

ARWEN watches as the FIGURE holds out its arms - swinging the
LAUGHING CHILD into the AIR . . .

The figure turns to reveal ... ARAGORN, a little older,
dressed in the casual finery of a GONDORIAN NOBLE.

CLOSE ON: The'CHILD, now in ARAGORN'S ARMS looks directly at
ARWEN . . . it is a QUIET LOOK filled with INFINITE SADNESS.

ARWEN'S eyes drop to the CHILD'S CHEST . . . around the CHILD'S
neck hangs the EVENSTAR . . .

CLOSE ON: ARWEN as she realizes she is staring at a future
that can never be, the CHILD she and ARAGORN will never have.

INSERT: ELROND speaking to his daughter . . .

                     ELROND V/0 (cont'd)
           Arwen, there is nothing for you here ...
           only death.

ARWEN shuts her eyes ... when she opens them again the VISION
is gone . . . she is staring at DARK TREES once more.

                     ELF ESCORT O.S.
           Lady Arwen?

ARWEN turns towards her COMPANION who stares at her,

                     ELF ESCORT
           We cannot delay.

SUDD ENLY: ARWEN wheels ASFAL OTH ar ound . . . riding away.
                                                         (C O N TI N U ED )

                                     Final Revision - October, 2003 25.

                      ELF ESCORT (cont'd)
          My Lady!


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