ANGLE ON: THEODEN looks at EOWYN who stands as if turned to
stone ... she is looking up at a LIGHTENING SKY ... The QUIET
before the MEN depart for WAR . . .

           I have left instruction: the people are to
           follow your rule in my stead ... take up my
           seat in the Golden Hall ... long may you
           defend Edoras if the battle goes ill.

ANGLE ON: EOWYN turns to the KING ... her FACE a BLANK ...
She speaks without emotion.

           What other duty would you have me do, my

THEODEN moves towards her, taking up her HAND . . .

           Duty? ... No, I would have you smile again -
           not grieve for those whose time has come.

EOWYN slowly lifts her head . . .

                     THEODEN (cont'd)
           You shall live to see these days renewed.

CLOSE ON: THEODEN lifts EOWYN faces to look into her EYES . . .

                     THEODEN (cont'd)
          No more despair.


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